Jeffrey Yeager jnyeager at southern.edu
Mon Mar 4 13:31:35 EST 1996

Call: KO4EW
Mode: Fone
Section: TN
Club: TN Contest Group.
Catagory: Multi-TWO

Band          QSO        Countries
160           45            34           inv-L,  5 beverages
 80          206            70           2 rectangular loops  beverages
 40          141            59           2 ele @ 75,  modified bobtail NE
 20          740            95           2 ele quad @  85, TA-33 SE, 
 15          166            62                 "      "      "   "  & 3ele SE
 10           40             5                 "      "      "   "  & 5ele SE
-------------------------------------         (all on 1 tower)
            1338         325        =     1,297,725

Operators: KO4EW, KQ4HC, K0EJ, WA6KUI
Equipment: Station 1 20/80M: IC-761, L4-b, CVB voice keyer
           Station 2 10/15/40/160  IC-737, LK500, no voice keyer         
           Spotting IC-735
2X386 pc, CT 9.27, Heil Prosets, ICE filters, ect.........

160M: We did better here than we ever thought possible.

80M: Had EU run at there sunrise helped by redneck QRMing out listening 
freq.  They asked us to change tx freq so we did and they still follewed our
listening freq.  Thank goodness for beverages.  The H4 pileup was a mess, 
one must listen occasionally.  H4 answered our CQs Sun nite.  The usual pig 
farmer mess.  

40M: Surprised we didnt to more here, had more countries here in CQWW.
The modified bobtail played well into EU.  I thought we had problems on this
band till I heard a EU calling CQ listening on the same freq a local 
Multi/multi was calling cq on.

20M: The best ever none at EW the quad played well.  The rotor died Sun 
so missed some mults.  Was fun running EU with JAs and VKs calling in.  Was
able to hold off several attempts by a couple big guns to steal our run freq. 

15M: Short EU run Sat.   Much S/P, hard to call cq endlessly without a 
voice keyer.  Missed a couple packet mults due to dead rotor.

10M: Missed any opening Sat due to spotting station engineering difficulties.
Missed ZL and KH6 Sun due to rotor.

HC8N was the only 6 bander for us, lots of 5 banders.  Had alot of fun.  Need
to work on more filtering between 10 and 20 M the other band where tolerable.
Many thanks to Mark K0EJ and Ric WA6KUI to driving down from Nashville to
help us out.

73 Jeff KQ4HC
jnyeager at southern.edu

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