ARRL Phone Single Band 10 High Power

C. Logan Dietz ke5fi at
Mon Mar 4 13:47:24 EST 1996

I was single op - Single Band 10 high power unassisted this weekend.  I made
this long in case anyone wonders what (if anything) happened on 10 this weekend.

QSOs  Countries  Points

 104      23     7,176

My new 775dsp worked great.  I finally am happy enough with it to sell the
FT-1000.  While I like the ease of operation of the 1000 WAY better, I also
found the regular and DSP noise blankers to be working well.  The sharp 1.8
khz filters make the 75 and 160 windows seem "wider."  (Did anyone find a
good internet site to advertise rigs?  I also have a new TS-50 and an
outboard DSP Timewave 5-9 to sell)

Propagation was worse than awful on Friday night and Saturday.  I worked
XE2DV just as the contest started.  I then CQ'd until LW2DBM called me 2
hours and fifteen minutes later!  These were my only Q's the first night.  

On Saturday morning the band opened to LU at 1533 hours. (I started CQ'ing
at  1300!) LU6ETB was there and stayed there all day (He told me he was
single band 10 and had about 900 Q's) In the afternoon he and HC8N sounded
like VOA transmitters they were so loud. I got a litle propagation into
Central America between about 1800 - 1900 working V31DX and TD9IGI.  WP2AHW
at 2006 was the only Carrib I worked on Saturday.  FO5IW called me at 2313
with a good signal.  He then CQd for awhile with little or no success.  I
suppose no one was checking 10 in the evening for the Pacific.  The next
(and last) Q on Sat night was XE1AQY at 0000.

On Sunday morning my noise level was 10 over 9!  Thank goodness  for noise
blankers!  I did not make a Q until 1706 (LU2AQR). Finally some of the guys
in the Carrib came up to 10 for the mults.  I worked 8P9Z at 2004, J37K at
2014, PJ9G at 2038, P40V at 2049 and ZF2FT at 2051.

The Pacific finally opened up with WR6R/KH6 being loud enough on the back of
the beam for me to hear him at 2030.  (I keep saying I need to put up a beam
fixed on ZL for those early Pacific openings to FO, ZL, KH6 etc.)  ZK1DI
called at 2110 and the ZL's started at 2111.  My next to last Q was ZL1KQ at
2246.  After that I couldn't buy a Q into the Pacific so I finally turned
all the aluminum on South America and worked LU5HNF at 2354.

12 Q's in North America for 11.5%
82 Q's in South America for 78.8%
0 in Europe
0 in Asia
0 in Africa
10 Q's in Oceania for 9.6 %

104 total QSO's of which 53 were LU's!  Thanks guys!  14 PY's, 5 CX's, 5
XE's, 5 ZL's, 3 KH6's, 2 CE's, 2 CP's, 8P, FO, HC, HC8, J3, KP2, OA, P4,
PJ2, TG, TI, V3, ZF, ZK1 & ZP. 

Best hours were first day: 1700 (21), 1600 (18), 2000 (8), 1900 (7)
               second day: 2000 (12), 2100  (8), 1700 (6)

I wish I could see W3LPL's 10 meter log to compare...

Chuck, KE5FI

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