WZ4F 96 ARRL SSB SOAB HP Unassisted

Larry Crim wz4f at iquest.com
Mon Mar 4 19:03:13 EST 1996

       Q     C
160    36    31  -Shunt fed 100' tower, 2 Beverages
80     126   61  -(2) 2 el. Delta loop arrays, reversable
40     120   54  - 402CD at 105'
20     980   104 - 5/5 @ 95'/47'
15     166   51  - 4/4 @ 70'/35'
10     11    2   - (2) TH-6s @ 80'/40'
ALL    1439  303 = 1,308,051

41 Hours Op time

A great contest with quiet conditions.

160--I cant remember the band being as quiet as it was during a contest 
weekend.  Europe was a breeze to work--often no other stations were calling.
Participation seemed down from W/VE on this band.  However, it was sure 
crowded on 20!

80M--As on 160, it was super quiet!  Never tried to CQ on this band (or 
40) and that was a mistake.  I'm glad Europe has made it a standard 
practice to CQ low in the band while listening up.  I remember the old 
days when 75 meter phone pile-ups were endless.

40M--As on 80, I should have CQ'ed. However, it seems that a single 2 
element 40m shorty-beam just ain't big enough anymore.(At least from 
Alabama.)  I should have done a lot better on this band.

20M--Working S0 europeans at 1900Z on 14.270 is like pulling teeth.  With 
15M dead, everyone congragates on 20 and the band isn't big enough for 
everyone.  However, some great mults drop by every now and then. Also, 
nice to work a handfull of VK/ZL/Pacific during a mini-run at about 0500.

15M--Opened to Europe for only about 30 minutes here Saturday morning.  
Though brief, it was a great opening.  Contrary to KM9P, I worked all the 
regular stuff...G, DL, ON, etc.  Was stunned to hear S5/K1ZZ tell me I 
was only 1 of 2 US stations he could hear. (At that time).  Must have 
been some weird opening..Never heard a JA.

10M--Worked 2 countries. Trey (HC8N) and LU. 

A fun contest, and after several years, I've decided that propagation 
from Alabama is closer to that from Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois 
than it is from Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

CU in WPX,

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