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Tue Mar 5 21:55:07 EST 1996

K8AZ    ARRL  SSB    Multi-Single

   160     51    39-- 1/4 wave sloping vert. w/4 elevated radials
     80   184    69-- F12 2-L, "Robert-Tail", Inv Vee
     40   170    73--  2L/2L,  2L at 70ft
     20  1198  116--  5L/5L, 4L/4L
     15    127   57--   6L/6L, 5L/5L
     10      57   14--   7L/7L
           1787   368     1,972,848 Claimed 

Operators:  K8AZ,K8BL,K8NZ,KD8TA,W8KIC,WT8C.

Club Affiliation:  North Coast Contesters
Comment:  This contest only reinforces several things that I have always
believed to be absolute truths. The first, of course, is how distasteful SSB
contesting is. This feeling is shared to varying degrees by the rest of the
        The other is that the ARRL Multi-Single category is perhaps the most
restrictive and least interesting category in contesting.  The only possible
exceptions being a 1996 Single band 10m entry or any RTTY contest (apologies
in advance to the WF1B devotees of the world).
         Congrats to K3LR for a spectacular effort in M/S. 

   For the gang at AZ,
   Ron, K8NZ

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