George Cook george at epix.net
Tue Mar 5 22:19:06 EST 1996

                   ARRL INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST 1996
      Call: AA3JU                    Country:  United States (218)
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Two
      160       30       90   3.0       27 Inverted L
       80      241      720   3.0       72 Twin Yaggis 65' (Thunder in 
the sky)
       40      172      513   3.0       69 Delta Loop 35,' Dipole 55'
       20      562     1683   3.0      104 Gem Quad 55', Groundplane 30'
       15      129      384   3.0       49 Gem Quad, Ground plane 20'
       10       40      120   3.0       10 Gem Quad, Antron 99 20'
     Totals   1174     3510   3.0      331  =   1,161,810
All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.
Operator List: AA3JU, N3RCA, N3JGX, KE3RR  (100% FRC) 
               KB3AZR (FRC Wannabe) Jill the cyberhound  (Dog)
Equipment Description: Kenwood TS-930s, Yeausu FT-1000d, Henery 2K-X,
Commander HF 2500, P53/100 Homebrew, 486/66 Magitronic Laptop, Audio by Hiel
Korean Delacacies by Mr. Kim
The Ramble:
Good to see that nothing failed at all pays to pre plan.  Very pleased to 
nearly doubled last years score and break the 1 meg barrier.  Found out that
being able to speak a second language REALLY helps and costs very little
we had ops speaking Spanish, German and Polish and the DX stations
really do flock to the ops in there native toungue.  Also found out that 
Mr. Kim has a dish called Bi Bim Kuk Soo which is made from kim chee that
went a little south.  That combined with our regular steady died of Kim Chee
Doughnuts and Coca Cola kept us all rolling right along.  
Found a few places where we still have some gaping holes and will plug
those up this summer.  But I gotta ask as a fairly new ham "Is 10 meters
like really a ham band?"  I hear that it is but you couldn't prove it this
weekend.  15 not much better and that made for lots of company on 20 meters
where we definately need a little more horse power.  Not to worry "I got 
plan!"  Thanks to all of FRC for all your help and especially to W3BGN
who insisted I put up the L on 160 it really did work pretty good.  Biggest
highlight was having ON4UN tell me I was LOUD on 80 meters!  Lowest low light
the lid who recorded my CQ on 20 meters and QRMed me with it (get a life huh
Club Affiliation: Frankford Radio Club
This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my station to the limits of what my wife will allow and it's a
darn good thing that the season is over for the year.  I read the rules
and had somebody explain what the big words meant to me.
                             Signature George C. Cook (AA3JU)

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