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Fri Mar 8 12:28:24 EST 1996


    Callsign Used : FS5PL

    Operators:  N0BSH, WE9V, WX9E, FS5PL

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

  160SSB     350         344       1029      51 
   80SSB    1232        1201       3603      59 
   40SSB    1885        1838       5511      59 
   20SSB    2479        2422       7266      60 
   15SSB    2905        2868       8604      59 
   10SSB       2           2          6       1 

 Totals     8853        8675      26019     289

    Final Score = 7,521,225 points.

Icom 765, Kenwood TS-440, 2 Cliperton L's
10/20:  Mosley TA-34 @ 15'
15/40:  Mosley Pro-67C @ 40'
80:     Quarter Sloper @ 35'
160:    Inverted Vee @ 35'
The location is on a 250' hillside with beautiful 180 degree ocean view
to the west.  Stateside is in the cleavage of two distant hills/mountains.

Best rate:  20M:  187    15:  282

To all those who wanted us on 10M:
We tried, and tried, and tried.  Every hour on the hour.  Sometimes every
half hour.  Can't create conditions.  HC8, 8P and P4 is a lot different
than FS.  Don't have a clue how WP2AWH had conditions.  Could be E-skip
which can be very location sensitive.

We tried so much that we "wasted" at least a total of 1.5 hours trying,
taking away from our rate on 20M.  Of course that wouldn't have been
wasted if 10M was open....as this is the reason we came in second to
XE2DV....10M mults.  Looks like we are neck and neck QSO-wise, but
suffered on the 10M mults.  Thanks to those who informed us of a
"possible" opening.  If it wasn't for the fact that we were hearing
LU's and PY's, I would have thought the antenna was broken.

By far the best highlight was meeting Jenny Jordan in the FS airport
  when we were leaving.  She just finished a 3-day shoot for PLAYBOY
  for a Venus Swimwear spread.  We flew to San Juan, PR, where we
  all sat and had lunch with her for two hours.  She gave us her address
  and told us if we're ever near her hometown that we should stop in
  and she would cook dinner!  Plus, we are supposed to look for the
  July or August issue of Playboy and mail it to her and she will
  autograph it and return it.  And the highlight of this highlight was
  when she asked if we wanted to see some Poloroids from the shoot.
  That's funny....for a Venus Swimwear shoot, I didn't see a single
  swimsuit!!     SHWING!!!!   SHWING!!!!   SHWING!!!!

Also worth noting is the daily walks on Orient Bay Beach, just outside
  our door.  An absolutely beautiful beach that is "clothing optional"!

Our most excellent host, Lionel, FS5PL.  What a nice guy and a nice

My first contest/dxpedition.  More to follow...

Between N0BSH, WX9E and myself, we made about 12,000 QSOs outside the contest
  plus 12,500 in ARRL DX CW + SSB.  That should reduce the need for FS a bit!

This 160M antenna worked much better than the Inv L.  We were running
  Europe a few days before the contest.  FS5PL never had a 160M antenna.
  For all those still needing FS on 160, keep an ear out for Lionel as
  we left that antenna up for him to use permanently.

Consistant S9+20 reports on 80M from EU and stateside from a QUARTER
  sloper up 35'.  Location, Location, Location.  (Too bad we had the
  wrong location for 10M!)

N4BP & N0AFW get awards for stateside frequency boneheads.  One of these
  people does it consistantly, contest after contest.  It's simply
  amazing.  A station starts up on your frequency and you as him to QSY.
  He states he can't pull out the station calling him.  10 minutes later
  he can hear you but insists he's been on the frequency forever.  I guess
  the highlight here is that he didn't work a single station the whole time
  I heard him while I kept going at 200 per hour.  Ahhh....contesting.

A couple non-US freqency problems, but they know they can't touch the
  rate and signal strength of carrib stations so they move much quicker.

Coming back to Chicago in the middle of 6" of new snow and 10 degrees.
  Kinda turns that super tan into into a frosty white color.

Anyone needing an FS QSL:
FS5PL for 1996 ARRL CW or SSB is via WX9E.
FS/WE9V, FS/N0BSH, FS/WX9E are via our respecive home CBA.  Use a new
callbook for N0BSH or WE9V.

Thanks for the Q's!

Chad Kurszewski, WE9V              e-mail:  Chad_Kurszewski at csg.mot.com
The Official "Sultans of Shwing" Web Site:  http://www.4w.com/ham/sos

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