FS5PL ARRL DX CW single op low pwr

WX9E WX9E at sbbs.net
Fri Mar 8 12:25:55 EST 1996

     I can't say it's nice to come back...  It's 85 and sunny when I get on 
     the plane and 10 degrees and snowing when I get off the plane.
     Chad, WE9V posted my score while I was still down there, but here are 
     a few particulars.
     The first day was absolutely awesome!  I started off the contest on 
     20m with my best hour ever, 206 and followed that up with a 160 and a 
     164. The first 24 hours ended with 2550 Qs in the log!   At that point 
     I thought 4500 Qs is not out of the question.  I never thought the 
     second 24 hours would be so crappy!  
     The second day really sucked with one exception, maybe 2.  Only 1300 
     Qs and no real rate to speak of.  The only real rate I had the second 
     day was during 1900z - 2000z hour on 15m when I had a 142 hour...  the 
     first hour of the contest and this hour was just like working ped with 
     only one station calling at a time...  it was great!  Then the second 
     night on 160 was surprising!  22 Qs the first night followed by 133 
     the second night.  Not bad considering I had no 160 antenna!   I used 
     the 80m 1/4 sloper and tuned it with the internal tuner in Lionel's 
     765.  I know I was PW, but I got 40 mults out if it that i wouldn't 
     have had otherwise!  Great ears for those of you who worked me.
      80m was the same both nights...  I felt pretty loud.   Low Q total there, 
      40 was too good to leave for the most part.  Never did spend an inordinate 
      amount of time CQing on 80. 
      All in all, it was a great contest...  could be my first win after a few 
      second place finishes. Thanks to all of those who worked me...  and 
      remember, QSL  the ARRL DX Contests only via me...  everything else will 
      be returned to the sender.
      We'll write something up on the SSB contest soon, if Chad didn't do it 
      already.   We'll be sure to tell you all about the freq fights with all 
      kinds of people, including a particular N4 that everyone seems to have a 
      problem with and a N0/6 that was quite intersting.
      Paul  WX9E
      WX9E at aol.com
      WX9E at sbbs.net

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