S59A single 20 BARTG

s59a at s55tcp.ampr.org s59a at s55tcp.ampr.org
Sun Mar 24 06:12:42 EST 1996

      BAND    QSO    PTS    DXCC   DIST    CONT

       20     382    382     51     20      6

Total points :  382 X (51+20) X 6 =  162.732 pts.

Is there some way to send log via E-MAIL??
There have to be a possibility,as RTTY is electronic/maschine type
of contact,so why should we send a paper log??Hi..

My opinion/question  why there is necessary to send/rcve times????
Nowadays as allmost everybody posese a digital watches with radio
controled tunnings I donot see no need for another time check.

RIG here been FT1000 with S56A contest software, output 300W to KT34XA .

See you next oportunity.
73 de Drago , S59A @ S55TCP.AMPR.ORG

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