Directions WPX

Mon Mar 25 09:06:37 EST 1996

Directions to K5XI:

Take 249 to Tomball and continue north until it turns into FM 1774.  Continue
thru Plantersville and on until you reach Anderson.  At Anderson, take a
right on HWY 90.  You will go just a couple of miles and the first road to
the left is FM 244 (or 255) I can't remember but its the first left after you
get out of Anderson.  Follow this road, you will pass the town of Carlos.
 From Carlos its about 8-10 miles to the station, you will go under a couple
of big sets of cross country power lines, after the second set look to your
left and you should see the towers.  This is when you will probally say to
yourself out loud "holly shit!"  Turn left on Gilpin to station.  I will
monitor 146.52.  I will have my pager if anyone needs to reach me or gets
lost.  The number is 713-809-4399.

Pass the directions to those who require them and remember Sid does not want
it to be common knowledge where this station is.  So please keep the
directions to yourselfs.  If someone asks just tell them its near

I will open the station at 10am Friday, so come on up when you like.  I will
be working on the computers and may take a KT34a down for repairs.

73  and get ready for some fun!
Mike... KB5YVT

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