Texas QSO Party

KEN MEIER AA8AV at cris.com
Thu May 9 20:05:57 EDT 1996

This was my first time in the QSO party.....didn't spend much time, 
because of other commitments, but enjoyed what little time I had.  
Gudo's for N5RZ/M.  Splendid job of putting out many counties....I am 
sure he put on a lot of miles with the number of counties I worked him 
from.  Also, what was very helpful, he announced the county he was 
working from....very good job.  That helped net a lot of Q's.  

Hopefully, next year I can spend more time....and try to get all of the 
the counties.  Finally score is:  Single Op/Low Power

QSO'S          Mults

 99     x        66  = 15,114


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