Texas Qso Party score for WA5DWX

Bill Morris Denton bdenton at tenet.edu
Tue May 14 10:40:12 EDT 1996

We operated a multi-single in the TQP with 11 operators with 2 rookies.

Our score was:  850 Q"s (phone only) 103 mults for 175,100.
We operated about 17 hours.  Had good runs on 20.  And at times on 40. 
Not many Texas contacts.  This was part of a overall effort by NARS 
Amateur Radio Society) in Houston to help promote the Texas Qso Party. We 
had 3 mobiles out covering about 75 counties, three other station at 
weekend homes in three different counties and several other operators in 
the NW Houston area.  All told about 30 NARS members were involved one 
way or the other. All the logs have not been collected, so the final 
tally for NARS has not been determined yet.  Hope to get that done by the 
end of the week.
Thanks to the Texas DX Society for all the work they put into the TQP and 
we at NARS hope that TQP will flourish. This was our first attempt in 
this type of contest and we are already making plans for a bigger and better
effort next year.


Bill Denton WA5DWX

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