Ari Korhonen ari.korhonen at pp.kolumbus.fi
Fri Oct 4 15:28:03 EDT 1996

Single band 20m OH1EH: 1200 QSOs, 86 mplrs = 260.000 points.

Equipment: FT1000MP+2xYD1130
Antennas: 4 over 4 @55/130`, 3el @60`

I really wanted to make an all band effort, but bad flu and cough got the
best of me. Instead I went single band 20m where I could get reasonable
amount of rest during the contest and still be able to make lots of QSOs.

HIGHLIGHTS: * nice Stateside opening Sunday afternoon
            * beaming two directions simultaneously worked very well
            * intensive OH1 20m competition (1EH, 1JD and 1MMM)

LOWLIGHTS:  * strong aurora sat. evening
            * listening guys up north running Stateside when we had no condx

Lots of antenna work here over the summer. Everything is now ready for the
Big One at the end of this month. See you!

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