KZ2S (@N2NU) CW Sprint

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Sun Sep 8 18:06:09 EDT 1996

Well, this is the worst I've done in a while....

20:  106
40:  100
80:   79
tot  285x41=11685

antennas:  20:  4/4
           40:  3 ele @ 65'
           80:  2 ele wire beam

Got off to a pretty good start on 20, but all seemed downhill from there. 
Felt a bit weak on 40, but besides that don't know what happened.  Used
one radio and made 2 band changes.  Congratulations to K1KI, N2NT, K5ZD,
and W2RQ on big scores from out this way.

After this effort I might even consider using computer logging the next
time out in a Sprint.

Thanks to John, N2NU on the use of the station.


John KZ2S

kz2s at

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