K3CR(op KB3AFT) LP CW Sprint Score

James M. Spence jms403 at psu.edu
Sun Sep 8 18:04:08 EDT 1996

K3CR(op KB3AFT) LOW POWER  4 Hours On-Time

Band  QSOs
80     49
40     28
20     48
Totals 125 QSOs X 31 Mults = 3,875 points

Rig=Kenwood TS-940S
Antennas= TH7 at 45'
          dipoles for 40 & 80 & 35'

This was my second CW sprint but my first "REAL" effort.  (During my first
sprint I had the flu and operated only about 45 minutes.)  Sorry for my
poor keying...still using paddles.  Although I'm getting better at them,
I'm still bad...hopefully for the next contest I will have an interface
hooked up so the computer can key for me.

20 meters was great.  I was able to work both the west coasters and also
the shorter skip stations in the northeast and midwest.  My big mistake
came when at 01:20 I decided to try 40 meters.  I hammered out some
contacts there but realized to late the damage I could have done on 20 if I
had stayed.  80 meters was okay here...QRN wasn't too terrible(S7).  I was
able to work everyone I heard on that band, unfortunately nothing heard
from 6 or 7 land.

This contest capped off a great day for me.  I started the day off right by
sleeping in till about 11:00AM.  Then I met some friends from High School
for lunch and then we went to the Penn State vs. Louisville football game.
After watching us stomp Louisville I had about 45 minutes to make my way
from the stadium to the University club station which is about 1 mile-1&1/2
miles away.  The only hard thing about covering the distance was the amount
of people and traffic to navigate through(95K + attendance at the game).

When I finally made it to the station my adrenaline was pumping so much
that I couldn't steady my hands enough to send or type well...the first 15
minutes were blown trying to get my body back to normal...I appoligize to
anyone I worked or tryed to work in those first fifteen minutes...It was a
chore to hit the correct button on the memory keyer!

Thanks for all the QSOs guys...look forward to working you in the Phone
sprint from K3CR.


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