[3830] G0AEV score CQWW CW SB 10m HP

Reed, Steve Steve.Reed at me.rtz.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 14:26:43 EST 1997

G0AEV 10m High(ish) power, unassisted, claimed score

39933		176		459		23		64

Part-time S&P only effort.  Sorry guys, but 10 should have been better
than this!  Very bitty propagation with only the Sunday opening to USA
really living up to high expectations.  However there was long path
(over S. Pole) into Pacific on both days thanks to the very low geomag
activity.  No sporadic E and European mults difficult to work on
backscatter (often with strong echos).

Steve, G0AEV
steve.reed at me.rtz.co.uk

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