[3830] WA7ADK ARRL 160 CW

Matthew George mattg at eox.axtech.com
Sun Dec 7 15:07:00 EST 1997

WA7ADK, NS7K and NG7M at WA7ADK's QTH in West Point Utah 20 miles North of
Salt Lake City.

Unofficial Score:

458 Q's 71 Mults = 65107 pts +- a few dupes

The first night last year we had 615 Q's.  Big difference this year but
still not bad.  We had a hard time working anything on the East Coast the
first night.

Thanks to Jerry, WA7ADK for the great time and work on his antenna before
the contest.  Everyone had plenty of time to log some contacts and chew the
fat.  Rich NS7K and Max NG7M had a great time eating Jerry's supply of candy
in the shack!!!

See you all next time.



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