[3830] N5NU 160m SOLP

Jason N5NU n5nu at inu.net
Sun Dec 7 19:40:10 EST 1997


    Callsign Used : N5NU
         Operator : N5NU

         Category : Single Op, Low Power 

 Default Exchange : 599 NTX

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries   

  160CW      206         202        407      46         1 

 Totals      206         202        407      46         1 

    Final Score = 19129 points.

 Soapbox Comments
This was my first time ever on 160 meters, and it was fun to get the feel
of a new band.  Started the contest on Friday night with the 40 meter
dipole.  The tuner tuned it OK, but nobody could hear me.  It really hurts
to have stations 20 over S9 to CQ in your face.  Ended night with 33 QSO's.
 Did work XE2DV and VE3EJ so I called it good work.  

Saturday, we put of Christmas lights and new 160 meter dipole at 75 feet.
Got on and rate meter immediately hits 70/hr running on 1818.  Then the
static hits.  Just a steady 30 over S9 static, no definate crashes.  Went
and turned off Christmas lights etc, but that didn't fix it.  After test, I
find out that there was a storm moving in.  

Anyway, slightly disappointed in lack of DX.  Heard P40P both nights, but
he never heard me.  Heard SP7GIQ and S58A on Saturday night, but same
result.  Guess dipole not that good of DX antenna.  Also noticed lack of
W6/W7 stations.  Only heard 3 W6 stations and a few more W7 during the
whole contest.  Maybe I'm deaf that direction. 

So, overall not that bad considering limited time, static, new band, new

73, Jason N5NU

n5nu at inu.net
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