[3830] K8MK ARRL 160 Multi-op

James Hurt jhurt at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Mon Dec 8 15:43:13 EST 1997

K8MK Multi-op

1329    2859 78/27   300,195


Equipment: IC-765, AL-1500, NIR-12, NA v10.25
Antennas:  90' linear-loaded vertical, full-wave horizontal receive loop,
6 beverages: NE/SW, and E/W, 1160'. SE/NW, and N/S 880'. Pair of 880'
beverages spaced 270' phased on Europe).

Conditions not as good as last year. Beverages still need more work.
Tromped K8ND (11 mi. SW of me).


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