[3830] WW7CC ARRL 160M SOQRP Unassisted

Gary A. Nieborsky PE k7fr at televar.com
Mon Dec 8 13:25:50 EST 1997

                     ARRL 160 METER CONTEST -- 1997

      Call: WW7CC                    Section: Eastern Washington
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator


     Totals    271     551     2.03         61          3    =   35,264

Antenna: Vee @ 101'

DX:  ZL, JA, P4

Soap Suds:

Put in a little time here and there between hanging more xmas lights on the
tower and miscellaneous before the snow comes projects.  Amazed how poor
condx were compared to past years.  No EU, CA or SA.  East coast was
lacking too; not that my QRP signal would have done much good, but I didn't
even hear very many either!  San Diego was my last Cal station and I was
worried I wouldn't hear one of them at all.  Was amazed at the number of
Eastern Washington stations on;  shouldn't have been too hard to get this
time around.  Where are they all when I try to put together a MM effort!?

Was going to do QRO but my amp wouldn't do more than about 250W on
160....strange too considering it was doing its usual 700W during CQWW. 
Guess I'll have to look into that problem pretty soon.  That was so
depressing that I decided to go QRP (how's that for self abuse?). Noise
levels were really good here....peaked at S3....if I could hear them I
could work them.....ZL4WA is proof.

Appologies Dept:

Sorry to whomever was on 1822 when JA7NI went QSX there.  I was so excited
that I started calling without thinking.

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