[3830] 1997 ARRL 160 CW Contest K8CC / Guest Op: W8MJ

Ken Meier AA8AV at Concentric.net
Mon Dec 8 21:24:41 EST 1997

Call	Operator  Category      Score	QSO'S	Pts   Sects   Dx   Hrs 

K8CC	W8MJ	 Single/Op/HP  245,427  1270    2639   78     15   37.5

Location: Michigan 


Operating this year from K8CC was somewhat different then last year. The
reason being we were unable to secure the use of the farmer's corn field
immediately west of Dave's place to put up the 800 ft. beverages that I
enjoyed last year.  There should be some kind of law established that
requires farmer's to have their corn fields harvested by ARL160 contest
time Hi!!! Hi!!!!  I told Dave that we need to do some serious
negoiating with his neighbor for next year.  

Dave was able to model some bevearges that would keep us somewhat clear
of his vertical antenna systems in the yard, however, the length of them
had to be down sized to 450' on the SE/NW and 500' on the NE/SW.  The
first night of the contest there seemed to be a lot of static
percipatation on the band and somewhat noisy.  I was only able to work a
couple of Europeans the first night and a few in the Carribean area. 
Also, conditions were not nearly as good as last year.  Second night was
better for working Europe, however, I still did not have the reception
like last year. I know there were a number of stations calling, but I
just couldn't pull them out.  Sorry guys......thanks for trying. It was
really nice to see the majority of all the operators stateside staying
out of the DX window.

I also made a point of not operating near the window like last year and
avoided all the hazzle associated with it.  I have always enjoyed
operating on 160 from Dave's place. And I always make a point of
pounding out as many Q's as possible.  Thanks to everyone that worked me
and for those that tried. 

See everyone in CQ 160.

							73's W8MJ


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