[3830] K5OY ARRL 160m SOLP Assisted

Steve Gibbs tv4029weather at khbs-khog.com
Mon Dec 8 21:20:45 EST 1997

                          1997 ARRL 160 METER CONTEST
     Call used: K5OY                                           Location: AR
     Category: Single Op Assisted        Mode: CW              Power: 100W
     Callsign of Operator: K5OY 
     Exchanged Information: K5OY RST AR  
     Hours of Operation: 13:54
     band      QSOs     points
     160        374        754
     TOTAL      374        754   X   68 multipliers  =  51,272
     Comments:  I worked this as a way to fill out my 160 WAS.  
     Thanks to NL7Z for AK, my final state.  I was
     very surprised, though, to have contacted as many stations as I did.  
     My antenna is a half wave dipole up at 15'.  Worked about everything
     I heard, including AH6M.  I did notice one benefit to having a long,
     low dipole.  The noise floor was very low.  On average, I enjoyed an
     S3 or less noise level.  A friend of mine 5 miles north of me battled 
     S8-S9 all weekend.  So now, I'll take down the 200 feet, or so, of wire 
     strung all around my house and roll it up until next month.  The 
     neighbors might actually miss it.  Nah.  They've never appreciated
     my sense of beauty and style.  And to me, wire is beautiful! 73
     I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for
     amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct and true to the
     best of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by the decisions of the
     ARRL Awards Committee.
     Date 12/8/97    Signature   A. Stephen Gibbs    Call  K5OY
     Name: STEVE GIBBS                     Call: K5OY 
           22 ABERDEEN CT
           FT SMITH, AR 72908

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