[3830] K8SM ARRL 160 CW SOHP

SCOTT LONG k8sm at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 10 06:59:27 EST 1997

Condx did not seem as good this year.  Murphy struck just before the 
contest and on QSO #168.  Was off the air until Saturday at 2130z, 
picked back up where I left off and beat my 1996 score and operated less 
time this year.  Had alot of fun and thanks for all the QSO's!  See you 
next year from our 90-arce farm in WV.  Hope to have some real antennas 
up down there!

Call:  K8SM
Score: 40, 128
QSO's: 349
Sections: 55
DX: 2
Hours: 9

Yaesu FT-890AT, Inv-L, ICE preamp, Timewave DSP-9, Dentron MLA-2500. No 
rx antennas.

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