[3830] N5ZC ARRL 10 Meter Score

Richard Thorne rthorne at arn.net
Sun Dec 14 17:42:14 EST 1997

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All I can say is that it was better than last year.

Friday night was a good start with 94 qso's before the band went dead.
Saturday was good with 464 q's and Sunday was terrible with only 110
q's.  I stuck with tuning and then finally it opened up to Europe for a
total of two qso's.  But it was still neat to finally hear Europe on 10
meters from this neck of the woods, and boy were they loud.

The highlight of Sunday was working VY1JA, thanks for YT Jay.

I was running a C4XL at 75' and a C3 at 45'.  They were phased using
WX0B's stackmatch box.   It worked well.  The C3 is fixed NE and the
C4XL is ratable.  Rig is a FT1000mp and the amp is an old reliable Amp
Supply LK-500ZC.

Sure liked using my new callsign for ssb.

That's it from here.  See you all in January's contests, CQWW160 and

Richard Thorne - N5ZC
Amarillo, TX

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                     ARRL 10 METER CONTEST -- 1997

                                     Section:  West Texas
      Call: N5ZC                     Country:  United States
                                     Category: Single Operator
                                     Power   : High, 1000watts
                                     Mode    : Mixed


      CW       229      916       37        9
      SSB      433      866       36       24

      Totals   662     1782       73       33  =   188892

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description: FT-1000mp
                       LK-500ZC AMP - 1000watt out
                       C4XL at 75'
                       C3   at 45'
                       Phased with a WX0B StackMatch

Club Affiliation: 

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature Richard Thorne___________________


               Richard Thorne  N5ZC
               2736 W. 10th
               Amarillo, TX 79106


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