[3830] W7MMQ 10M HP Phone

Mike Coolidge w7mmq at inetco.net
Sun Dec 14 18:10:40 EST 1997

Callsign:  W7MMQ
State:  Montana

Category:  Single Op HP Phone Only

HOURS:  23

BAND    HRS   QSOS    Points   States/VE    Countries

10SSB   23    789      1578       48           20

SCORE:  107,304

Considerable improvement over last year in conditions.  No Europe or JA
however.  Friday and Saturday were good, Sunday was very slow from here.  I
think I worked every Florida station there is, 120 of them Wow.
Had one guy refuse to give me a qso after he found out I was not a Ten-Ten
member!  See everyone in NAQP.

Highlight:  Best hour 191 qsos.

Top 10 states

FL  120
IL   56
MA   48
NJ   45
NY   44
NC   37
VA   37
CT   31
MD   29
PA   29

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