[3830] K4JNY 10M Score

Jeff Yeager jnyeager at catt.com
Mon Dec 15 00:43:10 EST 1997

Call K4JNY
Section: GA
Catagory: SO SSB 
Power: 1000 watts

             1182qso  X   88 mults  =   208,032pnts

  Equipment :  Icom 761,  Tentec Centurion,  TH6 @  70/33 lower fixed NE,
logging by NA.

  Conditions Sat where great, but died Sun,  ended up watching football
Sunday.  Couldn't handle sitting in the chair with
 no rate for this contest.  Line noise was a killer going west, tnx to all
the W6 who where patient while I dug them out of the crude.

  73 Jeff K4JNY ex KQ4HC
   jnyeager at catt.com

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