[3830] N4BP 10M SOHP Mixed

Bob Patten n4bp at bc.seflin.org
Tue Dec 16 13:49:12 EST 1997

                          1997 ARRL TEN METER CONTEST
     Call used: N4BP                                           Location: FL
     Category: Single Op Single Band      Mode: MIXED           Power: 1500
     Callsign of Operator: N4BP
     Exchanged Information: N4BP RST FL  
     Hours of Operation: 27
     band      QSOs      points    mults
     CW         915        3660      96
     PH         930        1860      97
     TOTAL     1845        5520     193      SCORE: 1,065,360
     Club or Team Name: Florida Contest Club 
     Comments:  FT-1000MP, AL-1500
                TH7-DXX @ 45 feet
                NA v10.25

Made my usual mistake of quitting too soon, now obvious from the fact 
that several have said the last 2-3 hours were the best.  Also, probably 
spent too much time running stations and not enough looking for mults.
Florida Contest Club talked me into entering mixed mode instead of my 
usual CW only.  Sunday, N8PR told me I sounded like the Godfather!  I 
even get hoarse in a CW contest, this was torture.  No equipment problems 
and usual power line subsided somewhat.  A most enjoyable contest and 
great to see propagation again, even if EU was a little light from here. 

				   ,'' '',
     Bob Patten, N4BP              ( 0 0 )               Plantation, FL 

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