[3830] TBDC '97 YB1AQS

Joerg Puchstein, YB1AQS dl8wpx at indo.net.id
Sun Dec 28 16:38:14 EST 1997

                            STEW PERRY SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 27-DEC-97, 28-DEC-97
    Callsign Used : YB1AQS
        Operators : JOERG PUCHSTEIN, YB1AQS
         Category : SO HP

 Default Exchange : OI33

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   

  160CW       18          18        302 

 Totals       18          18        302 

    Final Score = 302 points.

Band totally dead for 90% of the time, average noise-level 20dB below normal.
Even JA was not coming really up here and Europe I've not even heard a whisper.
Ap=0 is maybe good for the pole-path, but seems to be deadly for me.
For a long time it looked like Bob W7GG was the 'distance' winner (28 points),
followed by Dan W7WA (27), but in the last hour I got a 30-pointer (thank's 
Pres N6SS) and a 29'er (Earl K6SE just within minutes before the end peaking very strong).

vy73, Joerg YB1AQS

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