Will, KN6DV kn6dv at
Tue Jan 7 06:28:49 EST 1997

Claimed score KN6DV SOHP

929	908	56	39

Score 86260
(80M:106;   40M:245;   20M:533;   15M:45)
24 Hrs

Radio: Icom 775DSP
Amplifier: Alpha 77 (single 8877)	
TOP TEN devices Band decoder and 6 way Relay box.
Ameco PT3 Preamplifier for 80M receiving Ant.
80M Delta loop	+ Long wire at 3' for receiving
40M 2 ele. Mosley
20M 205BA (5 ele)
15M 115CA (5 ele)
10M 105CA (5 ele) (not used)

High points:
worked my long time friend and Elmer PA0VHA Hans for the first time over
the pond. (Thanks Hans you got me started on RTTY with the homebrew
decoder)(I used to be a active SWL back in Holland(NL8343)

being called by : DU1SAN on the back of the beam on 20M same for V85GA .
TY1PS called me on 40M when it was still day light in CA. Also SX2THE and
7Q7DC called me on 20M.

Before the contest I thought that 15M was not going to do anything and boy
was I wrong! I missed a lot on that band because the antenna had a bad SWR
on the RTTY freq. And I could not use the amplifier because of RF feed
back. So I made 45 Q's on that band with low power. (I will take the beam
down this weekend and fix it before I make the same mistake again!)

The contest it self was running real smooth and all equipment worked real
Used WF1B with RITTY be K6STI and had the Radio to work with the software
in combination with the Top Ten divices  interface I had no Antenna
switching or changing freq.  to do  (all done by the computer and WF1B. ( a
great team Ray and Brian, Thanks).

Thanks for all who contacted me, 73 Will,  KN6DV

Unless the reformer can invent something which substitutes attractive
virtues for attractive vices, he will fail.
(Walter Lippmann)

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