Bob Wruble ai7b at teleport.com
Tue Jan 7 09:29:45 EST 1997

                          W7GG 1996 ARRL RTTY Roundup 


FIRST....A special thanks to Ray, WF1B for creating a great SW pgm
for RTTY
      contesting.  If you like RTTY contesting you gotta get it!  
Thanks to Ray's 
      SW I was able to maintain good rate AND watch 4 NFL games, CNN,
      Movies, talk on 2mtr, hold a coversation with the XYL and eat
meals with two
      hands!!  AMAZING STUFF THIS WF1B SW......Thanks Ray!!!        

80--Came to 80 after struggling on 40.  Was plesantly surprised at
    rate.  Ran about 150 stns before going back to 40.  40 still
    spotty at this point.  No JA's coming thru on 40 so knocked off
    10:30pm local and took full 6 hours off.  Rtd at 4:30am local.
    Wked some more stns on 80 and went to 40.
40--Probably came late to 40.  Waited till after milking JA's on 20.
    About 5:50pm local.  Had trouble getting going.  Knew the band
    funky but hung in for 50 Q's. Early morning on 40 shud be hot to 
    JA and Pacific but no much doing.  Wked some U.S. stns and couple
    of JA's.  Went back and forth btwn 40/80 till 7:30am local and 
    until 20 started to open.  Same routine Sunday, back and forth
    20/15.  Decent rate but not enuf DX stns in the log. Spent the
    1 1/2hrs on 40 with good results to EU!
20--Started on 20 with good rate.  Went to 15 occasionally and did OK
    but opening spotty and better rate on 20.  Picked up a few Carib 
    and SA mults on 15.  Checked 10 several times but no sigs
    tried some lo pwr CQ's but nil!  In the end 20 was the money
    Over 500 Q's on 20!  

15--Made 195 Qso's but had to work for them.  Almost no DX....8P6 and
    couple SA's.  No EU or JA!   
10--Nil Qso's.  Hopefully next year.

    HIGHLITESs.....snagging 3W5FM, TY1PS, FR5DX and CT3BX.  Missed
    PEI, MB and YUK.  Also missed SD for WAS.  Moral....spend more
    looking for mults.....shud have found W0SD!   
    PEEVES....Already covered by others.  I'am happy to get any
    and will deal with their operating habits as they come......lot
    than no callers!  THANKS TO ALL FOR THEIR QSO's!!!!

    RE FILTERS....I use my 1000MP in the 250hz mode with full EDSP!!.

Location:  OR        
Hours of Operation: 24


Band    QSOs   Pts   QTH    DX
80       209   209    46     2
40       248   243    43    19
20       527   522    53    41
15       195   195    42     7
10         0     0     0     0
Total   1179  1169    55*   50*
Raw Score: 122,745
Power Output: 1500
W7GG BRAG FILE........

OPR:  Bob Wruble (Retired), W7GG  Ex: Ai7b

QTH:  Culver, Oregon  Jefferson County  Grid CN94
      150 miles East of Pdx.  
      Actual QTH on 5 acres 25 miles SW of Madras, OR
      in the High Desert part of Oregon near Lake Billy Chinook.  
      Elevation 3300'.  Annual rainfall only 11" compared to 
      45" in Pdx.
      Remote QTH, no commercial power.  Use solar, wind
      and 12KW Onan 4 cyl diesel generator.  
      No phone except Cell.  Water delivered and stored.
      Rain water collected and stored for irrigation etc.
      U.S. Mail service and UPS of course!!! 

TWR #1 105' of Rohn 25.
     TB-6 Tribander at 105', Cush 2el 40M yagi at 120'
      80/160M Inv Vee's
TWR #2 180' of rotating Rohn 55 (K5IU System)
      Four Cush 13el 2m yagis (2 horiz and 2 vert polarized)
      on the top at 190' on separate rotator.
      Three KLM KT-34XA's stacked at 172',132' & 92'
      Two full sized 48' boom 40m yagis (350lbs each home brewed) 
      stacked at 162' and 82'.
      160m is a 4 vertical dipole array using Comtek Hybrid 
      coupler and switcher.
      80m is a 4 vertical dipole array using Comtek Hybrid
      coupler and switcher.        
      2-580' beverages for 80/160m.
      All antennas fed with 1/2" CATV Hardline.  Approx 3/4 mile
      of Hardline.
TWR #3........R45 Under construction.      


        2ea Yaesu FT-1000MP's, Ampls: Tentec Titan, Command Tech
        PC:  100mhz Clone w/ 17" monitor. MFJ-432 Voicw Keyer's.
        Ants switched by Top Ten, RCS-8V and Dunestar 808's
        Heil Pro Set Boom Mikes's
        Contest SW by WF1B/N6TR........Of course!!!!

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