K1KP & Son & Turtle SQUINT LOG

Tony Brock-Fisher fisher at hp-and2.an.hp.com
Tue Jan 7 10:11:44 EST 1997

Well, as you might guess from the fact that I suggested this latest
running of the SQUINT, my 5 year old Christopher has been 'up' for
it for some time. Contests such as CQWW and ARRL DX are pretty serious
business around our house, so when this SQUINT was scheduled, Christopher
took it really seriously. "No Momma, I can't go to the toy store with
you Saturday, I have a contest"!

"Is it all right if I sleep"?

After spending a couple of hours cleaning up the shack (a K1KP contest
ritual), we were ready at 2045Z. I had taught Christopher the exchange,
and in spite of having a (live) dog and a (live) cat, Christopher's
favorite pet for the contest was Timothy Turtle, a well-travelled Beanie
Baby! What you may not have realized if you worked us, is that Timothy
Turtle was working his own version of the contest right along with us!
He was set up with his own rig (my DVK) and headphones (a split choke on
his head) and a 'log'! After each 'kid' QSO, we'd have to log a 'turtle'

Here's Christopher's Log:

K0RF    Kendra    8       CO       Calico
K6XX    Sara      5       CA       Gremlin
N9JF    Brandon   12      IL       Alley
W5AJ    Spencer   12      TX       Fibber
W1OG    Gus       73      MA       Miko
AA5BT   Lindsay   12      TX       Dottie

...and here is Timothy Turtle's Log:

CALL         NAME      AGE     QTH         FAVORITE PET
Giraffey               5       My Basket   Timothy Turtle
Crabby                 6       My Basket   Snakey
Snakey                 7       My Basket   Giraffey
Lobster                9       My Basket   Crabby
Chocolate Moose        7       My Basket   Snakey
Zebra                 10       My Basket   Crabby
Dino                 100       My Basket   Mousie
Dino - QSO B4 - Dupe.
Bubble Trouble         7       My Basket   Snakey
Silver Goldfish(twins) 2,1     My Basket   each other
Bubble Trouble - QSO B4 - DUPE
Scottie                5       My Basket   himself
Dolphin                5       My Basket   Bubble Trouble

So it looks like Timothy Turtle probably surpassed Christopher
in the QSO department! Who said turtles don't have ears?!
With one break for apple juice, and another to offload the apple juice,
Christopher, Timothy, and I were in there for the whole contest.
It seemed like propagation died for the East Coast for the last
20 minutes or so, and even Timothy couldn't come up with any
last minute multipliers, even with the top XA on JA...

Christopher is looking forward to the next SQUINT, but I think
Timothy has his sights set on the next Internet Sprint...

Incidently, Timothy Turtle does tower work too. If you don't 
believe me, I have a photo of him inspecting the Boom on the
top XA!! (Christopher made me haul the Turtle and the Nikon
up the tower).

Respectfully Submitted,

Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP
Christopher Brock-Fisher, son of K1KP & N1XJA
Timothy Turtle (probably originally licensed as a ZF2).

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