Bob Wruble ai7b at teleport.com
Mon Jan 27 16:54:04 EST 1997

W7GG CQ 160 claimed...... 

	614 QSO'S
              55 DOM MULTS
	  18 DX       "


Conditions from Oregon Friday evening sucked......
only made 380 Qso's first nite compared to 681
in the ARRL test.  Only 4 eu's in the log.......!!

Must be nice from K1ZM qth...they wking 400
eu's...wow......if I live another 20 years will
never wk 400 eu's total!!

Hilite = wking WAS.

Lolite = Hicup in TR SW ate most of my log....

Tree may have came to my rescue by reminding me
about the RESTART.BIN conversion to .DAT file
feature in POST/UTILITY !!

Equip:  FT1000MP,  8877 and 4 vertical dipole array
off 180ft tower......one 500 ft Beverage.

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