Ken Meier AA8AV at Concentric.net
Mon Jan 27 22:25:21 EST 1997

K8CC	1997 CQWW 160 CW CONTEST -- Single Operator High Power	

Station Call	Operator's Call	 Score  QSO'S	PTS   Sts/Ve  Dx  Hrs

  K8CC		    W8MJ	451,215	 1119   4065    56    55   38

The first night of the contest was extremely challenging.  The rain and
snow static like conditions played havoc on hearing call signs clearly.
Especially those that were weak to begin with. Had to ask for repeats
quite often.  The rate wasn't the greatest either.....I knew it was
going to be a long night of hard work.  So I just made up my mind to
hang in there and keep focused on the task at hand....making Q's.  Kept
popping down in the Dx window with the Sub-VFO (FT1000 D) to work some
Dx in the South, while in between Cq's on the main VFO.  The FT1000D in
my opinion is a fantastic piece of equipment.  The Sub-VFO is an
absolute plus and works extremely well.  Worked my first EU after 0000Z
and knew that they were going to be far and few in between during the
course of the night as a result of the band conditions.  Ended up the
first day with 645 Q's well behind previous years.  The biggest
hightlight of the first day was having KR0T come by and work me just
before I got off the rig for some Z's at 1530Z.  He was a new mult SD.
It pays to keep going when you feel like quitting.  I went to bed
seriously doubting if I was even going to break a 1000 q's during the
second day of operating. 

Got back on the for the second day at 1951Z and immediately noticed a
difference in the band conditions.  No rain or snow static like
conditions.  It was hard to believe but true.....worked up and down the
band until I settled in on 1838.  Worked my first EU at 2313Z and knew
it was going to be a good night.  Set up the F6 function key with CQ EU,
because I just had this feeling it would come in handy later on.  The
second evening for EU was the best that I have experienced in the seven
years of operating at K8CC's place.  It was unbelievable to have layers
and layers of stations call you.  Up until 0800Z I worked over 170
Europeans inbetween working state side stations.  I have to admitt thats
hard to believe living in the black hole of the Midwest.  Cq'ing for
Europe and working as many as I did was a "pure adrenaline rush for me". 
It was that fabulous opening that helped with the Cq total and getting
over the 1000 q mark.  I definetly had a blast with this years contest.
The equipment performed flawlessly from the radio to the DSP 59+ to the
beverage(s).  I know I missed some easy mults to the South being locked
onto Europe with the beverage....but I figured there was a lot of 10
pointers to be had.  My hunch paid off and it reflected in the score.   
My thanks to everyone that came by to work me.  And a special thanks to
Dave (K8CC) for allowing me to operate from his place.  It is always a
pleasure and a joy. 


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