Michael Wetzel w9re at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jan 28 05:31:47 EST 1997

      1997 CQ 160 CW CONTEST  

CALL            HRS      SCORE       Q'S      PTS     ST/VE    DX

W9RE            18      280,908      900      2754     57      45

Never intended to put in this much time but I had amp with an intermittent
8874 that
went out in the ARRL 160 and wanted it to go out again, so I could see which
tube is 
bad but off course it never did.  

I didn't have a good European beverage up so I really had lots of trouble
hearing that
way.  I did have several other short beverages that worked ok, but I know I
didn't get
but maybe 40% of the callers from Europe.

Friday night was very heavy QRN and weak signals with maybe about 15
Europeans worked.
I quit at 0800z and got up at 1200z to work a JA and KH6 and then went back
to bed.
Saturday night conditions to Europe seemed very good and I worked 77 more,
probably 70
of which called me.  I quit again about 0830z or so and got up at 1130z for
JA's but
none heard.   That really surprised me since conditions to Europe were so
good in the

This contest was very pleasant to operate, with the lower activity it was
never a problem to find a running frequency.  On Saturday night I was at
about 1840 and left to
S & P for a while and came back and used the same freq again.  That can't be
done in the
ARRL 160.

73 Mike W9RE

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