Scott Cowling dfi at cyberhighway.net
Tue Jan 28 15:51:16 EST 1997

WA2DFI, SO/LP 160M CQWW CW Contest Score

CALL            HRS      SCORE       Q'S      PTS     ST/VE    DX
WA2DFI          29       49,029      353      831     47/5     7

OMNI VI, 100W output
125' balloon supported elevated vertical with 2 radials

Friday night was pretty morale-busting.  QRN was not so bad here, but it
must have been bad to the east.  Even LOUD stations couldn't hear me!
Stations that I worked with ease in the ARRL test!  Saturday made up for it
- great signals to the east coast.  Even managed to work some DX - not bad
for the QTH challenged/QRN impaired kind of op that I am.

Scotty, WA2DFI
Tempe, AZ

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