W3GH 160 Contest Score

Spike Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Tue Jan 28 19:15:47 EST 1997

                            1997 CW CQ 160 Contest

             W3GH multi-op, W3GH & W9XR ops. (Pennsylvania)

249,736 Points,  827 Q's,  2356 points,  57 Sect,  49 countries,  106 Mults.

Special congratulations to the crew of K3CR led by KB3AFT who cleaned our
whistle, and to the many midwest stations who had really outstanding

Also installed a FRC filter, it really cut down on the number of overkill
packet spots, allowing our computer to work. Window or no window, it should
be widened about 1 kc on both ends, allowing for the overflow of all those
big love handles, which always seem to migrate and flow over the edges!


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