[3830] field day N0tx

Michael S. McLaughlin km5bn at camalott.com
Thu Jul 3 05:03:54 EDT 1997

695 cw qs    235 ssb qs  =930 total qs
2780 cw points =470 ssb pionts x 2 power mutiplier = 700 bonus = 3850

Call used N0TX  2a wtx
cw ops KM5BN and N0RU
novice call used KC5FFQ
2meter/6meter/packet N5TEQ,KC5THH
Ten meters and six very slow Saturday.Got alot better Sunday.Could have
got more ssb qs but the main man KJ5BJ had house flooded earlier in week
and sent alot of the time cleaning up.So he worked about 3 hours and got
about 40 qs.Rob N0RU had to get use to copying calls in his head using
ct so the rate dropped to about 24 for a few hours.Had my best rate at
about 96qs per hour so Im getting better.Will try to run another 2a next
year with a new location in trent on a elevation of 1100 feet where our
444.25 rpt is located.
Should be better for hf and vhf than where we have been working>In the
Abilene valley black hole.See you all next year Michael McLaughlin KM5BN

cw= explorer 14 with 40 meter add on at 29ft
ssb=dipole at 48 ft(facing north to south)
6 meters 3 element beam at 30 foot
2 meters cushcraft 13b2 at 35 foot
packet 4 element quad at 8 foot

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