[3830] Format for Submitting Scores to Internet: RTTY NAQP

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at interpath.com
Thu Jul 17 12:12:06 EDT 1997

This one should be pretty simple to follow. Just type your scores in
as close to this as you can.

The main thing is to remember is to put your class on it. This lately 
has really become a problem. Please look at your score before you
send it and see if you can figure out where you would put yourself. 
This will save you an extra email to me telling me to move you also.

Your Call and Class:
CALL                   SCORE       QSO'S      MULTI

Please use this for the subject line: <Your Call> RTTY NAQP

Thanks a lot and hope to work as many of you as I can this 


73 Jim

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