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FIELD DAY, 1997  (view pictures at -  http://ns.net/~sporten/)

The Golden Bear Telephone Pioneer Amateur Radio Club again combined with 
some members of the River City Contesters to operate field day at Steve, 
KN6OX's, family ranch outside of Latrobe.  If you haven't been there, it can 
be described as a half hour trip on pavement from Folsom and forty-five 
minutes on a three mile dirt road with 3 gates safari.  All you ex mountain 
 - top microwavers would shed a tear in memory of past similar experiences.

We decided to run more than 150 watts this year to increase the number of 
contacts during the weekend so that everyone would have lots of other 
stations to work.  We kinda knew that our final score would be lower due to 
the fact that the less than 150 watt multiplier would no longer be valid, 
but what the heck.  Were we there to win or to have fun?  We voted for fun.

Steve has a small one room shack that contains a wood-burning stove (shades 
of my grand mother in Eureka) a small table and couple of pantrys.  Outside 
the shack are two picnic tables and benches.  We put the two stations , Icom 
765's and Kenwood TL-922 amps on one table and food on the other.  We used 
two lap-top computers, networked, running CT version 8 to log the contacts.

Antennas were a TH-3 on a crank-up mast at 30', a 4 element 20 monobander on 
30' of old Rohn 6 tower, a 40 meter dipole stretched between the 30' tower 
and the windmill tower, and my old 75/80m inverted vee at 30'.

We put the TH-3 up Friday night so we could do our annual DX warm-up on 20M. 
 I worked a couple of ZL's, a couple of VK's, a KH0 (on Saipan) and couple 
of BV2's in Taiwan.  We shut down at about 1 in the morning to get our rest 
for the main antenna party which started at 7 AM Saturday.

The 30' tower went up fairly smoothly with 6 people helping.  The 20M 
antenna went up not so smoothly, but finally went into place when a second 
climber went to the top to help the first guy.

The 40 dipole went up a little later and the 75/80 vee waited until just 
before dinner to go up.

We had our problems!  Steve's 765 decided to only put out 5 watts until he 
opened the top panel and started manipulating the plug - in boards a couple 
of times.  True maintenance engineering!  Hit it until it works!

Then our old 386sx lap-top decided it didn't like the program and gave us a 
series of error messages.  This was starting to feel like work!  We 
fortunately had some spare pentium notebooks that were pressed into service 
after figuring out where the proper comports were.

Finally, all computers, amps and radio's were working.  Time for a break? 

Mary, KE6LOE, our secretary and newletter publisher had two chores this 
weekend.  One was to set up a novice station and antennas and the other was 
to produce dinner.  The dinner was a FEAST.  She barbequed a turkey in one 
Weber Kettle and cooked potatos in the other.  When the potatos were done, 
on went the London Broils she had marinated, then the corn.  FABULOUS. 
 Thanks Mary.

Bill, WG6H and Chris, K6PG helped Mary set up her station and put wires up 
in the trees using the "Pint water bottle filled with water tied to a rope 
and then thrown into the trees method".  Worked great.  Mary ended up with 
about 7 cw contacts on the novice frequencies.  She was using an old Ten - 
Tec CW tranceiver at 25 watts out.  Another FABULOUS effort on her part.

Meanwhile, the River City Contester contingent of operators was taking 
advantage of great conditions on 20 and 40, both CW and SSB.  Dave K6RC and 
George, N6ZS were running rates of several hundred an hour for a short time 
( combined ).  Dave said ,"This is as much fun as Aruba", alluding to a trip 
to big contest station in South America a few years back.

Bill, WG6H, set up a vhf/uhf station in his pick up and made contacts on 2 
and 440.

Derrick K7FF, set up for 6 M using surplus mast sections to support his 
antenna.  He even used an Army Olive-Drab colored strecher for an operating 

Other River City Contester Participants were Randy, AA6WJ, and Phil, K6RJ.

Les, W6TEE and Matthew (insert his call here) showed up Saturday AM and Les 
helped me put on couple of PL-259's for the 80M antenna run and then we 
wired up a DB-25 for computer CW keying.  No rest yet.

Julie, KN6UV, sat down and operated 20M ssb for a while and got some world - 
class coaching from Dave, K6RC.  Watch our world - Julie's an aggressive 
contester now!!

I took the midnight to 6 AM shift and switched back and forth between 75/80 
and 40, mostly on CW, while Steve, KN6OX ran the other radio on SSB.  IT 
ACTUALLY GOT COLD AT NIGHT THIS YEAR!  I didn't bring a jacket, so I draped 
a sleeping bag over my shoulders.  Steve did the same.  Dave, K6RC woke up 
at 5 am and saw us in our protective clothing and commented, "Looks like a 
couple of Squaws operating".  It was so cold in the early morning that the 
color computer displays faded substantially.  You had to hold your mouth 
just right to read the screen!

Sadly, the end of the contest occured at 11 AM on Sunday and we turned the 
radios off.  Some people had commitments and went down the hill ASAP - 
others, KN6OX, K7FF, K6PG, K6RJ and me, K6GV, took down antennas and put 
stuff away for next year (or earlier, Eric) while Julie, KN6UV took care of 
camp things while keeping track of her son Anthony.

Each year we name our combined group based on what happened to us, or what 
equipment we used, or something special.  We have been :

     Cosumnes River Phased Vertical and Barbeque Society (we used phased 
verts. on 40 that year)

     Cosumnes River Short Tower and Barbeque Society (could only get 30' of 
tower in the air, not 40)

     This year, since a puma was seen on the property, and since we ran 
amplifiers, the name chosen   was:


We left at about 2 PM and I was home by 3:15.  I cleaned out the ice chests 
and took  a shower and fell asleep watching an Indy car race.

This was the best FD yet by the group.  If you want to have a good time, eat 
too much, play too much radio, go to the Cosumnes River to cool off and hang 
with a bunch of radio - loco's and learn about HF radio and how to set-up 
and run a station in the field (excellent practice for emergencies) , come 
with us next year.  We can always add radios, antennas and steaks to 
accommodate more operators.

Eric, K6GV

Final results were:

      160        0       0             0       0
       80      105     210           107     107
       40      385     770           314     314
       20      551    1102           548     548
       17        0       0             0       0
       15       39      78            74      74
       12        0       0             0       0
       10        0       0             0       0
        6        0       0            18      18
        2        0       0            14      14
      NOV        7      14             0       0
      440        0       0             2       2
      PKT        1       2             0       0

              1088  (2136)  +      1077    (1077) =    2165 Total QSO


      EMERGENCY POWER X 2 STATIONS              =200
      PACKET CONTACT                             100
      10 VHF CONTACTS                            100
      TOTAL BONUS POINTS                         400

NOVICE STATION : KE6LOE - 7 cw q's x 2 x 2 power mult.                      
   =   28
.                            ------

                 **                                    **
                 **       3,781 Points Total           **
                 **                                    **

Operator List:KN6OX, KN6UV, WG6H, KE6LOE, AA6WJ, K7FF, K6RC, K6RJ, N6ZS, 

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