[3830] KH7R 97WPX-CW Perspective

Kimo C. Chun kimo at lava.net
Sun Jun 1 23:31:09 EDT 1997

The contest started at 2 pm local with a bang...actually a linear power
supply still acting up. Changed out with a spare. This was after trying
for over a month to be better prepared though half our weekends were rained
out. The last 8 months have been a "work in progress" with all new guys and
a few new tower sections; refurbishing of the 6 el 20, rotators, new thrust
bearings and mounting plates and some yagis and trying to make new wire
antennas for the low bands modeled w/EZNEC by KH6ND.

15 mtrs was going reasonably well though it was obvious that 20 mtrs was
going to be the "money band". On 20, Mike, KH6ND (our best CW man) complained
of trying to copy something out of 5 stations making it past the 250 Hz
filter of the FT1000mp. A quick recommendation of use of the dsp and mixing
500 and 250 hz filters helped but our rate was hurt by the din. 10 meters
opened up for a couple of hours and we were grateful for that. We knew we
would have to press any advantage on 15 and 10 to make up for the anticipated
lack of 80 and 160 contacts.

Yo! 20 meters was really open to EU. Half the stations heard were EU! We
tried to make the most of this as there was no telling when this would go.
As it turns out this was the best opening to EU (it had been pretty good all
week)in years! I think we had over 24 hours open on 20 during the contest.
We actually had trouble finding new EU mults at times!

Mike caught a few hours sleep Saturday night and was concerned when he went
to bed that we might not make our first goal of beating his old Oceania
record of 8.5 mill. When he awoke he found that the 40 and 20 ops had made
good progress all night and with diligence on all bands but 10 meters helped

The last day propagation was a little down but the opening to EU persisted.
We continued to press our advantage on 15 by running while looking for mults
on 20. We handily beat the old Oceania record with around 8 hours to go so
we set out to beat last year's 12.5 mill. multi winning score. It grew more
difficult, though, as it seemed like we'd worked everyone before...can't be!

It went fast and furious to the end (2 pm local) with EU STILL OPEN! We
didn't make the 12.6 mill but we were pleased with the estimated 12 mill.
plus score.

Thanks to all for the Q's. Sorry for some of us mediocre (i.e., less than
30 wpm) guys asking for repeats. Thanks also to the guys who actually did
QRS when asked (it is real hard to copy "cut" code through the polar flutter,
QRM and at 10 to 20 wpm faster than your "rag chewing" speed.

On behalf of our host, Ken, KH7R (formerly KH6HH) and the gang:

Aloha from KH7R - Hawaii NOT Kure

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