Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Mon May 26 11:02:01 EDT 1997

Score for WR6AAA, single-op unassisted, high power all band:

Operator:  N6IG    Station:  W6GO

Band    QSOs   Pfxs
160   (yeah, right!!)
 80      48      2
 40     523     96
 20    1457    588
 15     208     61
 10       9      3

TOTAL:  2245  x 751  ===>  4,717,782 points.

36 hours

Club:   NCCC

Comments:  20 was sure good to EU both nights.  It was almost like old 
times, open long past sunset and eventually going to deep Asia.  This 
really screwed up my sleep/offtime schedule, as I had expected to have 
closed bands at 04Z and get some sleep.  Instead, I operated on into the 
night.  Combined with a sleepless night on Thursday (nerves) and a hard 
day at work Friday, I got very tired...

My points per QSO were well below 3.  I have same QSO totals and mults as 
east coast, yet score is much lower.  Oh well, at least there were people 
to work and keep me awake!  The WR6AAA call was interesting to use, kinda 
last minute decision.

I was truly "unassisted" this contest.  My hosts W6GO and K6HHD were 
away, not back from Dayton yet, so I had to get my own water, brew my own 
coffee, etc.  Life is tough!

It was fun, 73!

Jim  N6IG

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