[3830] KC6CNV wpxcw soablp

KC6CNV at aol.com KC6CNV at aol.com
Mon May 26 20:42:03 EDT 1997

Call:  KC6CNV
Category: SOABLPUnassisted
Hours of operation: aprox. 32 hrs

BAND     Valid Q's       Points       Prefixes
40          255               990            69
20          644               1438          336
15          83                 138            30
10          33                 42              13
Totals:  1015              2608           448

     Final Score:  1,168,384 points

Comments:  This was my first good effort in the wpx cw.   I did not know I
was going to be able to operate the whole weekend as my dad said he was going
to be looking for someone in some counties he needs during the day, but we
never heard him on saturday so I  guess the guy realized it was a contest
weekend so he didnt make the trip.  So I went to bed early (4 am) on friday
night and didnt spend much time on 40 meters that nite.  I missed out on a
lot of points because of that...   But I had a lot of fun.   I worked one new
country in the contest (HZ) along with 4 other new ones earlier this week
bringing me up to 274 worked...

73, Daniel M. Craig, age 16, KC6CNV    

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