[3830] N5NU SOHP Tribander/All Bands

Jason Goldsberry n5nu at inu.net
Tue May 27 00:55:54 EDT 1997

                              CQ WPX SUMMARY SHEET

    Contest Dates : 24-May-97, 25-May-97

    Callsign Used : N5NU
         Operator : N5NU

         Category : SOHP Tribander All Bands

 Default Exchange : 599 nr

   Operating time : 23 hours

   BAND      QSOs      Prefixes   

  160CW        0           0        
   80CW	 27	      24
   40CW      136         113
   20CW      499         314
   15CW       94          83
   10CW       12          12

 Totals      768         546      

    Final Score = 784,602 points.

My Band Opinions...

80M:  Sounded good the first night with no Europe.  Really only spent
around 45 minutes or so thinking that I would be there with better
conditions on Saturday.  Saturday there was local thunderstorms and I could
hardly believe that the QRN was pinning the meter at 599 +50 DB.  Even the
loudest of the loud stations heard the night before were just S3. 

40M:  No trouble working Europe unlike the ARRL DX contests.  There just
weren't enough of them.  After I worked the 45 or 50 that I could hear that
was it.  I planned for a fairly early morning the next morning on 20 and
didn't stay up after 1 A.M. waiting for JA's (Never did hear one Friday).
Saturday night was just pure bordom until around 2 A.M..  Then the JA's
started booming in here.  I went to bed before I should have because I was
planning on working some more Europe on 20 the next morning.  Big mistake.
I should've stayed up and worked 20 or 30 more 6-point JA's (with all of
those cool prefixes)

20M:  Very nice as usual.  Nice European "run" at the start of the contest
that lasted about two hours until they faded out.  Then it was on to
working the weak Europeans and Russians and a JA or two thrown in there.  I
never did work more than 3 or 4 the first night.  Decent runs Saturday
morning.  20 was covered wall to wall and never did get real comfortable.
Again great European bursts around 22-02z.  20m was red hot with JA's for
about 10 minutes or so a little after 06z on Sunday morning (Saturday night
as we know it).  Band was packed on Sunday with little new blood until the
guys that came that specialize in working the just last 4 hours to have the
good rates.  I only found one clear frequency on the band where people were
working the last two hours or so of the contest.  That was around 14.012.
Others must've liked my idea too.  It is very tough trying to dig out S5
Europeans when you have 4 Big-Gun Europeans and me running within 1.5 KHz
of one another.  At least I was pinning their S-Meters good :-)

15M:  Was nice at times.  N4BP was the only signal heard (around S3 here)
Friday night.   I spent 15 minutes trying to work EA6ZY on Saturday
morning.  Never did.  Nothing really cool or exciting there.  I had a
decent "trot" of guys in the JA area going until I found out that I was
getting into two televisions and I was making the lights flicker in the
other room.  Nothing much really heard me running 100 watts.

10M:  Not much with the DX.  Thank goodness for the LU boys or there
wouldn't have been much showing on my logsheet from there.  I did hear 4 or
5 Europeans with the same scatter that KG1D was talking about.  I never did
work one even though one was peaking S6.          

Best DX worked...

80M:  No Europe, no DX.  CO2, VP5, and WP2Z worked.
40M:  Really a shame that such nice DX conditions occur when everybody is
in bed (or is supposed to be) FK8, VK1/2, and ZD8 worked.
20M:  FO5, EX9, and OH0 worked (all answered CQs)
15M:  3V8, ZD8, and UA0 worked.
10M:  Does LU count?  I heard Europe but none worked.  I guess that K3
could be DX in this case...

Definately the best QSO total & score ever.  I hope sets a new trend :-).  

73, Jason N5NU
n5nu at inu.net

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