[3830] Wo4o WPX CW SO/AB/LP

Ric Painter Ric.Painter at 12.collage.net
Tue May 27 03:52:34 EDT 1997

                 CQ WORLD WIDE PREFIX CONTEST -- 1997

      Call: WO4O                     QTH:      NA/USA/04/TN
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator
      On:   36 Hours                           Low Power - 100w

       80        5       18   3.6        1    Dipole (NE/SW)
       40       78      384   4.9       19    Dipole (N/S)
       20      778     1573   2.0      405    Tribander (TA33)
       15      142      316   2.2       78    Tribander   "
       10       32       49   1.5       17    Tribander   "
     Totals   1035     2340   2.3      520  =   1,216,800

Equipment Description:  Barefoot Kenwood TS-450S/AT interfaced
                        with 386 PC using CT


QRM:  Other than the official meaning of Memorial Day weekend, I will
fondly remember this WPX CW event as my first contest ever to break
two previous personal barriers:  1000 Qs and a Million points!
Almost one third (27%) of my Qs were 0 pointers (287).  Of these,
150 were worthwhile Ms.  Nearly half (48%) of these were worthless
to my score (of course, they called me and I answered to help them;
so, remember to work me in the other contests!).  Most, however, did
contribute to my FUN resulting in a higher, faster Rate (and larger
Serial # for psyche value).  I'd prefer each to be worth at least a
point but, for now, I'll take what I can get.  24 ops duped me.
Check logs for busted calls such as W0VO, WO40, W0V0, W04O, WOV0,
W040, W0V0, and the list goes on. . . :-)  The first night was by
far my best.  I had an "arrogant" attitude:  "Call CQ.  Those who
call me get a M; those who don't, won't."  This worked for me.  DX
conditions were conducive to my running ("hopping" at 60 Qs/hr to you
Big Guns) for several hours early on.  QRM caused me to roam within a
10Khz range with the beam roaming within 90 degrees (NE/NW).  When I
passed my score from last year (as WA6KUI) during the second night, I
knew conditions were better (about 200% better!).  This was my second
SO/AB/LP WPX CW event.  Who was it that wisely said, "If you don't
transmit, no one will hear you?"  :-)  Thanks to all who worked me!

73  Wo4o  < Ric.Painter at 12.collage.isdn.net >   Ridgetop, TN
|Fidonet:  Ric Painter 1:116/12
|Internet: Ric.Painter at 12.collage.net
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