[3830] VY1JA... I Quit

J. Allen jallen at yecl.ca
Tue Nov 4 02:54:52 EST 1997

To all of my contesting friends

I was there for YOU...  Ill and very tired, struggling to maintain the
pileups when my little skill at it was gone to a need for rest.

At 18:30 on 21.027, I was called by a couple of QRP stations in the pileup.
 When I stood by for them stations in the A and B power class tried to
steal their QSOs, in addition when I asked for a call sign or part of it
and signed KN, time and again, it was not respected.  In fact the pile-ups
contained a whole bunch of jerks that dropped calls every time on the
exchange, deliberately dropped carriers, and called CQ on my receive
frequency after being unsuccessful at stealing someone else's QSO.

This contest season has tested me and exceeded my limit.  I am QRT.


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