[3830] KT0R Multi-Single HP SS CW

Greg Fields aa0ob at skypoint.com
Tue Nov 4 03:22:41 EST 1997

Call: KT0R
Ops:  KT0R, K0OB, K0MX
Section: MN
Hours: 24

Band 	Q's	Ant
80	170	Dipole at 45 feet
40	486	2 elements at 68 feet
20	380	5 elements at 60
15	109	tribander at 45 feet
	1147 x 79 = 181,226

Rig 1 1000D & Alpha 76
Rig 2 775 & AL-811A (Home brew switch box)

Soap box
This effort was pulled together the day before SS. Dave, KT0R, and Jeff,
K0MX, were
still in the dog house with the XYL's from CQ WW efforts the weekend
before. Myself,
K0OB, had been suffering from mono for over a week and didn't feel I could
handle a 
single 24 hour effort. (Doc said other ops should be O.K. as long as we
didn't swap
some body fluids, hi!) Dave just got this station together this Fall and I
you will be hearing more from him! (Dave is a regular at W0AIH.) It was a fun
team effort. Kept the wives happy and wasn't nearly as tiring as a single
We could be back as a team for phone!


Greg Fields K0OB (Previously AA0OB)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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