[3830] K5MDX CW SS Multiop score/comments

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Tue Nov 4 04:39:56 EST 1997

K5MDX (@ N5FG) CW SS score, High Power, Multioperator category:

Band   QSOs
160      0   No antenna, too noisy anyway
 80     73   Delta loop, only 200W, see below
 40    724   2 el monobander @ 80'
 20    240   4 el monobander @ 90', 3 el tribander @ 55'
 15    204   3 el tribander @ 55'
 10      9   Ditto 
Total 1250 x 2 x 79 sections == 197,500

Hours Operated: 24

Murphy struck in the form of a tree limb crashing down on the 80m
delta loop a couple of days before the contest. N5FG got it back up
off of the ground, but not far enough to prevent RF problems in
the shack. We had to run the FT-1000D barefoot on this band,
which wasn't a big problem since 40 rocked all night long.
80 served its purpose: got us the few close in sections we 
couldn't work on 40.

Best run rates were had on 15 in the first couple of hours.
Thank you sunspots. Between that and the endless well on 40,
we could limit our time in the 20 meter zoo. First QSO on 
20 meters was #805. Not doing anything on 20 until Sunday
helped keep our rate up late in the contest, I think.

Got the sweep early, at 1715Z. The 15m propagation gods
were smiling on us: as soon as the first spot of VY1JA
came through, we ran to it and found quite a pile there, but
Jay was a booming S9 here and we worked him on the first call.

I will second Jay's comments on the unruly callers. Time and
again when we had piles and came back to partial calls, 
the whole bunch of 'em would continue calling. 

I had to chuckle a bit at all the "please spot NE and VE2"
messages that came across the cluster. There were plenty of
NE and VE2 stations active; they just weren't CQing. One 
thing I have learned is that the sweep is a lot tougher if
you rely on S&P to do it. Call CQ SS and They Will Come.

CU in two weeks when once again we shall converge on 
bustling Bond, Mississippi to put K5MDX on the air.


-- Ray  WQ5L  rocker at datasync.com

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