[3830] W4MR (@ AA4NC) SS CW

Roberts, Will will.roberts at cplc.com
Mon Nov 3 09:40:43 EST 1997

W4MR (AA4NC - operator)

1124x79 = 177,592

If it's not one thing , it's another. I solved some of my interstation
interference problems, and thought I was ready for SS for once.


Murphy decided that the challenge for this year would be a natural
phenomenon. We had thunderstorms on Saturday and Saturday night that
made it really fun asking for the 4th fill from an ESP level Q station
on 80 and 40 through the QRN. A lightning bolt that caused the power to
go down momentarily blew up an MOV protected power strip that I had a
radio plugged into. This caused me to (duh) realize it was not too smart
to be operating at this time! 
Some prime time lost, but hey I did get a sweep thanks to VY1JA sticking
it out to work all of us lids. 

The QRP guys N5TJ, N5RZ, W0UN really made me look bad - I listened to
them running on 15m when I couldn't do it with high power!

Congrats to Todd - Looks like you did it this time...


Will AA4NC / W4MR

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