[3830] W4AU CW SS M/S LP score

John Unger w4au at contesting.com
Mon Nov 3 13:21:10 EST 1997


    Callsign Used : W4AU
        Operators : JOHN UNGER

         Category : MS/LP (W4AU & packet)

 Default Exchange : A W4AU 56 VA

             Name : John Unger
          Address : P.O. Box 95
   City/State/Zip : Hamilton, VA 20159
          Country : United States

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   

   80CW      285         285        570      13 
   40CW      108         108        216       8 
   20CW      138         138        276      43 
   15CW       94          94        188      14 
   10CW       10          10         20       1 

 Totals      635         635       1270      79 

    Final Score = 100330 points.

Omni-VI, KT-34A @ 40', and Windom @ 50'

I started the contest as single op, unassisted, but when it became apparent
that I had a chance for my first, ever, sweep if I could find VY1 and VO1
(as well as Nebraska, but that's another story...), I turned on the packet
computer and became a multi-op :-(  

As others have attested, I found VY1JA under severe assult, but finally got
through late in the game when he came back on for the second (or third?)
time. Thanks, for putting up with the unruly pileups, J!

Murphy also had his day; my main computer simply died (like no power...)
about 20 minutes before the contest started. I jury-rigged an laptop with
some spare cables and made a quick logcfg.dat file for TRLog and just made
the start of the contest. Later I found that I had some RF getting into my
signal thru the keying lines and had to run the Omni at ~20 watts output,
so I turned on the amp, turned down the drive and got about my power back
up to legal LP limits that way. Just to keep things interesting!

Thanks for all the Q's!!

73 - John, W4AU

p.s. Finally got Ne for the sweep at 2350; thanks N0IL!! And, of course
worked a couple more Ne's before the end of things.

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