[3830] K7UP SS CW Score and Comments

Steven Nace KN5H steven at zianet.com
Mon Nov 3 12:41:48 EST 1997

Call used: K7UP       

Location: NM
Category: Single Op All Band         

Mode: CW              

Power: 1500
Callsign of Operator: KN5H  
band      QSOs     points
80        112        224
40        572       1144
20        340        680
15        359        718
TOTAL    1383       2766   X   79 multipliers  =  218,514
Club or Team Name: Southern NM DX Assn 

Comments:  FUN contest.

Started with 2 100+ hours on 15. Went to 20 at 2320Z w/ 246 Q. Good start.
WOW, no way to get a hole on 20! Cant get in there anywhere. Only 30 Q in 30
min, not good enough. Off to 40, still daylight here 4:45 pm local but
hoping condx allow good rate to east coast not to mention, needed to
establish freq before 20 mtr guys QSYed.
Had 440 more Qs in log in 5 hours, not bad, could be better. Started to work
2nd radio QSOs on 80, not easy for me but do-able. Off at 0817z w/ 845Q, abt
80/hour. Usually plan to take all off time at once. Trying to sleep on cheap
folding chair was bad as it collapsed at 4 am landing me on my butt. Then
neighbor's dog began its ritual and sleep was not to be had. Is it illegal
to shoot barking dogs at 4 AM? On after 5 1/2 hours. Back to 20 where NA
said only 30 Q on that band. 20 wasnt too bad but not great. Did realize I
had all day to make up for nothing last night. Began 2 radio ops in earnest
between 20 & 15, trying to keep rate up. Not easy, the next 7 hours averaged
45/hr. Took last 30 min of offtime to eat, got on and found VY1JA on 15 for
elusive sweep (no, didnt find him during off time.) 15m rotor busted so
couldnt point yagi NW, had to use 40m dipole to call Jay. This is where I
broke one of contesting's golden rules; dont waste a lot of time trying to
work mults. Well, I called Jay for about 45 minutes with an occasional trip
up the band for a few unanswered CQs. I was determind to get Jay so I paid
the price in QSOs. Finally got him in the log and had my second wind, ready
to go with no more off time. Listened on 10 and heard W2RQ and a few others
at 30 db over 9 but they werent getting any answers. Gave up on 15m at 2230Z
and started to concentrate on getting 20m total back up. Managed 2 50 Q/hr
hours on 20 then back to 40 with a last 20 min of the contest finish on 80.
Goal was 1400 Q or to beat K5GN, neither of which I did.


1) QRP ops were fantastic with good CW, quick fills, enormous patience and
great timing. Many times when I needed a repeat for a number, I would send
'NR 176?' instead of 'NR?'. All of them would simply send 'R R'. Try it.

2) Trying to work 1 section cost me at least 30 QSOs.

3) Not going to 20 at beginning of contest cost me QSOs. Tough to decide
what to do when 15, 20 & 40 all open at once.

4) Highly frustrating getting 3 different numbers from the same station on
the same QSO. Know what I mean?

5) Should of helped John, K7UP fix 15M rotor before contest.

6) Was listening to W5WMU CQ on 80 (my 2nd rig) to see what his Q nr was
while I CQed on 40. When he answered my CQ on 40 as I was evesdropping on
80, I nearly fell out of my chair! Way to go Tree.

7) Thanks John for the use of your station!

See you all next year,

73 de Steve, KN5H
     I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for
     amateur radio  in my country.  My report  is correct and true to the
     best of my knowledge.  I agree  to be bound by  the decisions of the
     ARRL Awards Committee.
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     Name: John A. Schneider               Call: K7UP  
           9220 Corona                   
           Las Cruces, NM  88012  

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