[3830] WT1O SS CW Low Power

bmelvin at taptone.com bmelvin at taptone.com
Mon Nov 3 12:40:48 EST 1997

WT1O Single Op LOW Power SS CW

CALL         SECT   HRS   SCORE    QS0'S     SECTS

WT1O          EMA   24    144,768   928       78

FT-1000 with TH7DXX @ 95' and 80 Meter Inverted V
Omni D with 40 Meter dipole @ 30' and 20 Meter Sloper

First 2 radio contest and first time on CW with the new to me FT-1000.
Only made about 20 contacts on second radio.  Mostly looked for
PR which I didn't find. Tnx to the op telling me to "LISTEN WIDE",
my first experience with a radio that has filters that work and
the 250 Hz position is very tight.

- Broke old record with 434 Q's on 80 Meters
- First time over 900 Q's in SS
- First time in 19 years I worked VY1JA, he called me, tnx

- Missing PR for a sweep and having everyone tell me they were

73, Bob WT1O

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